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F1 team boss: 'I don't know why Sauber and Audi are keeping it a secret'

F1 team boss: 'I don't know why Sauber and Audi are keeping it a secret'

23-06-2022 10:58 Last update: 12:28


Volkswagen Group has given the green light to the plans of both Porsche and Audi to enter F1. Porsche seems to be teaming up with Red Bull Racing in 2026 and the latest rumours say that Audi has teamed up with Sauber.

Team boss expects cooperation between Sauber and Audi

From 2026 onwards, the Volkswagen Group wants to compete in F1. The car-developer sees opportunities to develop in a good direction in F1 from then on. Rumours are that Porsche and Red Bull Racing will make an engine deal. The latest rumours are that Audi wants to have a big share in Sauber F1. With that, they are expected to take Alfa Romeo' s place, creating the Audi-Sauber partnership in Formula 1.

The Japanese F1-gate.com  reports that there is a team boss who knows more about the plans of the two brands. The team boss wishes to remain anonymous, but according to the medium he said: "I don't understand why Sauber and Audi keep their cooperation a secret. Audi has already bought 25 percent of Sauber some time ago and they want to buy another 50 percent. That's a huge stake."

Will Audi take the place of Alfa Romeo?

That would mean Alfa Romeo will have no say and will disappear from Formula 1. At the start of this season the team seemed to be consolidating its links by renaming it Alfa Romeo F1 team instead of Alfa Romeo Racing. The team was particularly proud to belong to the exclusive club. Little will change for Sauber as they will remain in F1 with the possible partnership with Audi.

Alfa Romeo team boss Frédéric Vasseur says he doesn't know anything yet and sees Williams as the favourite to join Audi: "They have a very good relationship with Volkswagen and with Germany.