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Does Vips give a hint that Red Bull's verdict is already in?

23 June at 10:27
Last update 23 June at 12:28
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Red Bull Racing junior and F2 driver Jüri Vips recently let a racist remark slip during a stream on Twitch. This has cost him dearly now that Red Bull Racing appears to have dropped the Est.

Vips has been suspended by Red Bull Racing pending the team's further investigation into the incident. The F2 driver apologised, but it seems to have been to no avail. His team Hitech is also shocked about the insulting statements of the driver.

That Red Bull Racing's investigation is over and that a verdict has been reached seems increasingly certain. An observant 'redditor' noticed that the Hitech driver's biography on Instagram no longer shows that he is a Red Bull junior. That was still visible on his page earlier this week.

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