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Chandhok: Verstappen drives differently against Leclerc than Hamilton

Chandhok: "Verstappen drives differently against Leclerc than Hamilton"

23-06-2022 10:09 Last update: 12:27


Max Verstappen is well clear of P2 and P3 in the championship. F1 reporter and analyst Karun Chandhok believes the title fight between Verstappen and Charles Leclerc is of a different order to last year's battle between Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

Verstappen pulls away from competition

The Red Bull Racing driver is 49 points ahead of his Ferrari rival with six wins against two wins. Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez is still between them on P2 with one win to his name. Chandhok feels that the fight between Leclerc and Verstappen this year is a lot neater than last year's fight between Hamilton and the Dutchman. Chandhok says it is because Verstappen has less to prove this year.

Fight between Verstappen and Leclerc is clean

Speaking to Sky Sports, the former F1 driver said: "I think Verstappen drives differently against Leclerc than he did against Hamilton last year. Then he really needed to profile himself against Lewis. Lewis was the king and Max had to remove him from the throne, so he had to be more aggressive." Now that Verstappen himself is that 'king' because of his world title in 2021, there is less need for proof.

It also helps, according to Chandhok, that Leclerc has been an acquaintance of Verstappen's throughout his professional career: "They are the same age and I don't feel Max has the will to remove him from the throne. He sees Leclerc as an equal against whom he fought as a child. That's why the duels are a lot neater."