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'It’s time for Hamilton to resign from F1'

'It’s time for Hamilton to resign from F1'

23-06-2022 09:01 Last update: 12:22


Jackie Stewart believes that Lewis Hamilton should quit F1. According to the three-time world champion it is difficult for Hamilton to turn the tide.

Hamilton once again finished ahead of his teammate at the Canadian Grand Prix, but it is clear that Hamilton is struggling with George Russell at his side. The Mercedes car is not as good as Hamilton was used to, but the Briton is also struggling to beat his younger team-mate.

Hamilton should quit F1

In the Convex Conversation Podcast Jackie Stewart is asked about the Mercedes driver's situation, and the Scot is clear: ''It’s time for him to resign.'' According to Stewart, with his music and clothes, Hamilton has enough other things he can get involved with and also be successful with.

While Hamilton's fans hope that Lewis can stop at a peak, Stewart thinks that moment will not come. He regrets that, but believes it is wiser for Lewis to stop now. '' He’s now struggling a little bit because he’s had a new teammate who’s been quicker than him in qualifying so far, which is gonna be difficult for him to handle,'' Stewart concludes. Hamilton still has a contract until 2023 with Mercedes, but whether he will serve out that contract remains to be seen.

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