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McLaren sees possible future driver: 'Potential is definitely there'

McLaren sees possible future driver: 'Potential is definitely there'

22 June - 16:26 Last update: 17:58


McLaren hoped to be in contention for the world title before this season but has to make do with a place in the sub-top of the driver field for the time being. CEO Zak Brown, however, has big ambitions and hopes to make McLaren better in more ways than one.

With Lando Norris, it looks like it has a driver who could fight for the lead in the world championship in the future. The Briton proved last season how fast he can be, but had to take a step back this season due to car problems.

For Daniel Ricciardo, however, the situation is different. Since his arrival, the Australian has been unable to live up to expectations and has scored far fewer points than his teammate. This season the gap is already 35 points in favour of Norris.

McLaren thinks Herta is an interesting driver

McLaren is therefore keeping its ears and eyes open for fresh talent. Colton Herta seems to be one of the drivers who in the future has a chance of a place at McLaren. In conversation with Sportsbusinessjournal.com Brown discusses the interest in the driver.

"The potential is definitely there. If you look at his results in IndyCar, he’s extremely fast," said Brown. "He was Lando’s teammate in Europe many years ago, and Lando rates him very highly, so he has an extremely good chance and is very capable of being an F1 driver. I can see him in F1 whether with McLaren or another team."

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