Is Red Bull facing a dilemma? Honda interested in returning to F1

Is Red Bull facing a dilemma? Honda interested in returning to F1

22-06-2022 13:35 Last update: 15:05

According to Michael Schmidt, Honda would like to return to Formula 1, but a conversation with Red Bull Racing might be too late. Other manufacturers besides Honda, Porsche and Audi would also be interested in joining the sport.

It has been known for some time that the Volkswagen Group will enter the sport with Audi and Porsche as possible engine suppliers. Audi would see Alfa Romeo Sauber as the best option, while Porsche wants to join forces with Red Bull Racing. The partnership is rumoured to be announced at the Austrian Grand Prix, Red Bull's home circuit.

Honda to return to F1?

In a broadcast by Auto, Motor und Sport Schmidt reveals that Honda would also be interested in returning to the sport, but the decision may come too late for a new partnership with Red Bull. By the time Honda wants to discuss a return to the team of Max Verstappen, the deal with Porsche might already be done. According to the German journalist, Honda would therefore consider alternative options, such as buying another team or partnering with AlphaTauri.

Schmidt also reveals that in addition to Porsche, Audi and Honda, there is another manufacturer who would like to join the sport. "There is said to be another manufacturer, so one hears in Formula 1 circles, but no one knows who it is. More news will follow after the summer break, Stefano Domenicali has let us know."