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Norris understands why Red Bull and Ferrari are against new FIA directive
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Norris understands why Red Bull and Ferrari are against new FIA directive

22 June - 07:13 Last update: 08:32


After Mercedes intensively lobbied the FIA to force a solution to the persistent porpoising, the governing body indicated before the Canadian Grand Prix that it would intervene. Whether the solution will please Mercedes remains to be seen, but the sudden rule change has already caused much discussion. This also applies to Lando Norris who has mixed feelings about it.

In his column for Telegraph.co.uk Norris says he is curious to see the effect of the FIA's new technical directive regarding porpoising, which has come into force by then. "Obviously, that was the major talking point over the Canada weekend and I must admit to being a bit conflicted on it," he says.

Norris has mixed feelings about new FIA directive

McLaren has little problem with porpoising and therefore has no need for a solution, but Norris at the same time recognises that some of his colleagues have physical complaints as a result. If there is a real risk of drivers suffering long-term health damage from porpoising or losing concentration and crashing, then something needs to be done, according to the Briton.

However, the McLaren driver sees both sides of the story. "The front two teams have clearly done a much better job than anyone else of interpreting the rules, so I can see why they would be against change mid-season," Norris added. Still, he believes that safety should come first, especially since the rules are long-lasting.

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