Horner laughs at Wolff: 'Maybe he wants a part in Hamilton's film'

Horner laughs at Wolff: 'Maybe he wants a part in Hamilton's film'

21 June - 08:52 Last update: 12:05

Christian Horner was amused by Toto Wolff's outburst. The Red Bull Racing team boss wonders if his rival applied for a role in a Lewis Hamilton film in this way.

Quarrel in Canada

The team bosses did not come to terms with each other in Canada. The FIA wants to introduce new guidelines to combat porpoising after a lobby was held by Mercedes in Azerbaijan. The other teams, however, have no desire to give the German stable an advantage here and that caused anger with Wolff.

In front of Netflix cameras, the Austrian is said to have railed against Mattia Binotto. Wolff would accuse the other team bosses of unsportsmanlike behaviour and was of the opinion that those teams are only concerned with their performance and not the safety of the drivers. The other teams think that Wolff is just trying to save Mercedes' bacon under the heading of 'safety'.

Actor Wolff

Horner was able to laugh about it and seems to have asked Wolff at the moment if he reacted like that because he knew the cameras were on. ''I think there was theatre in that meeting. Maybe with the film of Lewis coming up, he (Wolff) is trying to get a role in that'', Horner told The Race after the moment.

The team bosses will get a second chance before the British Grand Prix. Together with the technical director of the FIA Nikolas Tombazis, the teams will see what they can do against porpoising. The position of the FIA is clear after the 'technical directives' in Canada, but the question is whether the teams will vote for this rule change.

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