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Hamilton: 'Verstappen doesn't know what I'm talking about, Sainz does'

Hamilton: 'Verstappen doesn't know what I'm talking about, Sainz does'

20 June - 12:50 Last update: 14:48


We can hardly talk about anything else this season. Porpoising. Some teams clearly suffer from it more than others, and the FIA announced it would investigate. Mercedes still seems to suffer the most from the bouncing of the car, causing Lewis Hamilton to struggle to get out of his car after the race in Baku because of back pain.

Porpoising Mercedes much less in Canada

The weekend started terribly for Hamilton. During Friday's practice sessions Mercedes experimented with the car, but according to the seven-time world champion it was impossible to drive. "I was constantly fighting with the car and it was very difficult to keep it out of the wall," the Briton told the press conference in Montreal. "It was just an experiment, to see if the car would work there, but it didn't."

Also in Canada Hamilton suffered from bouncing with the car, something Mercedes just can't seem to solve. However, the car did feel a lot more comfortable than in Baku. "Yes, with the suspension we chose, it was much better this weekend."

Verstappen doesn't know what Hamilton is talking about

The next Grand Prix on the calendar is that of Great Britain at Silverstone. Hamilton lets it be known that he is very much looking forward to his home race, but is holding his breath as far as the porpoising is concerned. He thinks the Mercedes is going to suffer a lot there again. "I don't know how it will be in Copse for example. Max [Verstappen] doesn't know what I'm talking about, but Carlos [Sainz] knows what I'm saying. So, it will be interesting for us there."

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