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Haas confirms unreliability of Ferrari: 'Schumacher had engine problem'

Haas confirms unreliability of Ferrari: 'Schumacher had engine problem'

20 June - 08:26


Although Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc both crossed the finish line in Canada, Ferrari was once again not fully reliable. Haas F1' s Mick Schumacher fell silent during the race with a broken Ferrari drive.

Ferrari not 100 percent reliable in Canada after all

Haas has confirmed that Schumacher had to abandon his race and record a P17 because of a problem with the Ferrari engine. Even if Ferrari itself crosses the finish line with both cars, something is still wrong with the team's equipment. According to team boss Mattia Binotto , the reliability problems are an integral part of the fight for the 2022 championship.

The team has already dropped out several times with engine problems and largely owes its deficit to Red Bull Racing to the lack of reliability of the Ferrari F1-75. In particular, the car's powertrain often fails. Red Bull also struggled with serious reliability problems at the beginning of the season. The team of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez seemed to have things in order, but in Canada after Perez's DNF it became clear that something is not right at Red Bull either.

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