'Angry exchange between Wolff and Binotto, Horner joined in too'

'Angry exchange between Wolff and Binotto, Horner joined in too'

19 June - 16:46 Last update: 16:59

Toto Wolff would not have been happy with the attitude of the other teams in Formula 1 regarding the resolution of the porpoising problem. The Mercedes team boss accuses the competition of "insincerity and political games". It even seems to have come to a small quarrel between Wolff and competitor Mattia Binotto.

Ferrari and Mercedes team bosses clash

Earlier this weekend in Canada all the team bosses spoke to the FIA and Liberty Media about the porpoising of the cars. Wolff didn't like the way the conversation was conducted, so it seems to have had a tail end afterwards.

The journalist Adam Cooper, who was present in Montreal, announced on his Twitter account that Wolff and Binotto had collided in a not very friendly manner. Subsequently, Christian Horner, Red Bull Racing's team boss, was also said to have intervened in the discussion.

Cooper: "Hearing more and more about an angry exchange between Toto Wolff and Mattia Binotto re the porpoising technical directive at yesterday's meeting. Christian Horner joined in too... and all of this in front of Netflix camera." So in the new season of Drive to Survive, we may be able to start enjoying what was discussed.

Wolff not happy with rivals

Mercedes complained bitterly after the Azerbaijan Grand Prix about the level of porpoising. It pointed to the safety of the drivers and therefore the FIA decided to intervene. However, the 'technical directive' only seems to be to the disadvantage of Mercedes, while a team like Red Bull Racing (which doesn't bounce much anyway with its RB18) could potentially only walk away further. According to Wolff,"team bosses are trying tomanipulate what is said in order to maintain a competitive advantage.

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