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Van der Garde: 'New rules from the FIA are not fair'

Van der Garde: 'New rules from the FIA are not fair'

18 June - 14:55 Last update: 17:06


The announced new rules of the FIA are the talk of the moment in the paddock. Opinions are divided, with even Max Verstappen opposing the rules, despite the fact that he can benefit from them. Giedo van der Garde also thinks the new rules are not entirely fair.

After the many complaints from drivers, especially from Mercedes, the FIA decided this week to introduce new rules regarding porpoising. To ensure the safety of the drivers.

That announcement has received a lot of support, but in the meantime also a lot of criticism. At Red Bull Racing they find it strange that the rules are suddenly changed halfway through the season, despite the fact that the team will probably benefit from it.

Giedo van der Garde also has reservations about the new rules, he revealed during the Shakedown of Viaplay. "Rules are rules. If things are suddenly changed in the middle of the season, I don't think that's entirely fair and right," the Dutch driver said.

Many questions from the teams

According to Van der Garde, it will also raise a lot of questions with the teams. Firstly, the rules still need to be defined and then the teams will have to adjust when they cross the line. If that is the case, then the ride height will have to go up.

"The ride height is also difficult, of course. If you go and put the front up, then you lose even more downforce, if you go and lift the rear up, then you lose grip at the rear. What ride height are you going to drive then? And every design of the teams is also different, so it's so difficult," Van der Garde concluded.

More clarity will come this weekend, when the FIA will clarify the new guideline and consult with teams to make the cars safer in the future.

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