Rumor: 'Leclerc gets fourth turbo in F1-75, grid penalty incoming'

Rumor: 'Leclerc gets fourth turbo in F1-75, grid penalty incoming'

17 June - 06:44 Last update: 08:51

It is not so much a question of if, but when Charles Leclerc will get a grid penalty. It is possible that this will happen in Canada. According to the usually fairly well informed the Italians will choose to provide Leclerc with his fourth turbo in 2022.

The current number three in the world championship fell at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. The engine that was driven in Baku was examined this week at the factory in Maranello. We are still awaiting the official report from Ferrari, but there is a good chance that the turbo did not survive. Moreover, even if the turbo could still be used, the question is whether it can be flown to Montreal in time.

Ferrari probably not back to first turbo

That is also the reason why Mattia Binotto indicated that next weekend Leclerc might drive with the first turbo of the season. This turbo can still be used, but it is the first specification. The performance of this is therefore automatically a step backwards. According to the aforementioned Italian website Ferrari has therefore decided to impose a grid penalty.

Leclerc would in that case be put ten places back on the grid As for all other engine components, the talented Monegasque is not yet at his maximum, so the damage remains relatively limited. In any case, it does not help his chances in the world championship against the Red Bulls of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez.

Will Leclerc incur grid penalty?