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Data shows: Mercedes is left with major problem

Data shows: Mercedes is left with major problem

15 June - 15:29 Last update: 18:50


Lewis Hamilton and George Russell jointly complained about the bouncing of their car around the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Both drivers got out of their cars with various physical discomforts and have plenty of reason to complain as a result of the data below.

The German team has been struggling with porpoising problems since the beginning of the Formula 1 season, which has prevented Hamilton and Russell from getting the most out of their car. In Barcelona, the moment seemed to have been resolved for a while, but the race weekends in Monaco and Azerbaijan showed that this was not the case.

The problem becomes clearly visible when we look at the so-called 'G-force data'. The graph shows that Mercedes was the only team that suffered from bouncing to a large extent from the start of the race in Baku. Remarkably, the problem grew throughout the race, making it increasingly difficult for both drivers.

Mercedes was satisfied with result in Baku

So although Toto Wolff's team had many problems with porpoising, Russell and Hamimlton did deliver a good performance in Baku. Where the Brit managed to finish on the podium, Hamilton beat his predecessor Pierre Gasly and finished in fourth place.

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