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Ricciardo looking forward to Montreal: 'My favorite races start with an M'

Ricciardo looking forward to Montreal: 'My favorite races start with an M'

15 June - 11:18 Last update: 13:03


It was positive in an otherwise difficult season. In Baku, Daniel Ricciardo finished ahead of his teammate Lando Norris and picked up points for only the second time this season. The result on the streets of the city in Azerbaijan could well be the start of a small series.

Canadian magic

Ricciardo is, in fact, looking forward to the upcoming Grand Prix in Montreal. To AutoHebdo he reveals a little secret: "All my favorite races seem to start with an M: Melbourne, Monaco, Monza and of course Montreal," says the Australian, who had to see the race at the Gilles-Villeneuve circuit being cancelled in recent years due to the corona pandemic.

Undoubtedly, for Ricciardo, the fact that he took his first Grand Prix victory in Montreal in 2014 plays a role in why he loves this race. Looking at the current balance of power in Formula 1, another win seems way out of reach, but a good result is possible, according to him, thanks to the great atmosphere in the stands. "I hope to use some of that Canadian magic this time to get some extra points for the team."

Under pressure

The race in Baku should be the turning point for Ricciardo. Afterwards, he indicated that the hard work of the previous weeks had finally paid off in points. Ricciardo called it quite a relief that he was once again going home with a tangible result. In the run-up to Baku, there were whispers that Ricciardo's position at McLaren would be under pressure.

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