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Wolff's concerns about Hamilton prove unjustified: 'See you next week'

Wolff's concerns about Hamilton prove unjustified: 'See you next week'

13-06-2022 06:58


Toto Wolff was concerned on Sunday that Lewis Hamilton might not be in action at the Canadian Grand Prix, but the seven-time world champion debunked that with a message on his Twitter account.

Hamilton had a particularly tough race. During the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, the bouncing was worse than ever, causing George Russell and Hamilton to take a lot of punishment. This was at the expense of their backs and you could see the pain Hamilton was in when climbed out of his car.

Pain for Hamilton

After the race, Wolff expressed his concerns. Something had to be done to prevent this from happening in the future and that was a continuation of the campaign Mercedes had been running all weekend. The German racing team wants F1 to change the rules so that bouncing can be prevented. Teams like Red Bull Racing are frustrated, however, because with the Austrians the problem is not so big.

Wolff doubted that Hamilton would be able to be in action at all in Canada, but it appears that he has not discussed this with his driver. Indeed, on Sunday evening Hamilton posted the following on his Twitter account: "Even if it is painful, we will get back up. Thanks for all the love and I'll see you all next week,'' the Mercedes driver's statement read.