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Russell reveals ongoing regulation discussions: It's pretty brutal

Russell reveals ongoing regulation discussions: "It's pretty brutal"

12 June - 14:40

George Russell has revealed that there are ongoing discussions about the future of the F1 regulations due to porpoising issues causing drivers pain. Mercedes seem to be struggling with it the most, with Lewis Hamilton having difficulties getting out of the car at the end of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Changes to the regulations

The Azerbaijan circuit features an extremely long straight meaning drivers were bouncing for a long time every lap. Russell explains just how brutal it is, and confirms talks are ongoing about making changes to the regulations. 

"Pleased to be standing on the podium because at the end you need to be there to pick up the pieces. That is what we did. It's just what we have to deal with at the moment and we as drivers have to accept it. No short-term changes, but there are discussions ongoing regarding the long-term future of these regulations hold. Let's see. We have a lot of brilliant engineers and people in this sport and they will find a solution," Russell told Sky Sports

"I don't know what the solution is at the moment at the end of the day a majority is in the same boat as us. Bouncing up and down, and hitting the floor or you don't and you run the car mm from the floor and hitting the ground lap after lap."

World Championship 

Once again, Russell finished inside the top five to maintain his 100% streak of doing so this season. The Brit secured yet another podium as he continues to pick up the pieces from reliability issues in front of them. The young Brit has Charles Leclerc in his sights and was already ahead of Sainz going into the weekend. 

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