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Verstappen supported Hamilton in Baku: Think he said don't lose hope

Verstappen supported Hamilton in Baku: "Think he said don't lose hope"

12 June - 14:30

Lewis Hamilton experienced pain during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix as the porpoising became extreme in his Mercedes. At the end of the race, he struggled to climb out of the car after expressing his back pain on the team radio. 

There are some suggestions that the drivers are voting for change to ensure porpoising doesn't become an issue for the rest of the season. In a conversation with Sky Sports, Hamilton admits that adrenaline got him through the race. 

"Biting down on my teeth through the pain. Just adrenaline. I can't express the pain you experiance on the straight here, at the end I was praying for it to end. We are in such a good position still, third and fourth is a great result for the team. They did a good job with the strategy. Once we fix the bouncing we will be right there in the race. But we are losing over a second with the bouncing. I will be at the factory tomorrow, we have to have good discussions and keep pushing," Hamilton explained. 

A word with his old rival

Before the race, Max Verstappen put an arm around the seven-time World Champion. The two drivers engaged in a heated World Championship duel in 2021 with the title going down until the final lap of the season. Hamilton tried to recall what the Dutchman said. 

"I don't remember that far back. I think he said don't lose hope, just don't give up or something like that," Hamilton said. 

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