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Marko has solution for Schumacher: 'We were in a similar situation'

Marko has solution for Schumacher: 'We were in a similar situation'

9 June - 10:22 Last update: 11:50

Mick Schumacher is under heavy pressure in his second Formula One season. Whereas he passed Nikita Mazepin with ease, that is not the case with Kevin Magnussen. Moreover, the Haas driver has made some costly mistakes in 2022. Too many, judges Helmut Marko, who recites a remarkable solution.

Unlike his teammate, Schumacher has remained scoreless in 2022 and has written off several cars. Criticism of the German is therefore growing, but Marko thinks he knows a possible solution.

Marko has solution for Schumacher

"The frequency of the crashes is a problem, I think," states the Red Bull Racing chief in conversation with RTL. With that, he alludes to the heavy crashes the Haas driver made in Saudi Arabia and Monaco. At the same time, it rings a bell with the Austrian, who experienced a similar situation with a young driver.

"We had a similar situation last year with Yuki Tsunoda," Marko recalls. The Japanese driver experienced the necessary crashes in his debut year at AlphaTauri and at some point was sent to Italy, where he had to follow an intensive schedule and be closer to his team.

"That has paid off, as you have seen," says the Red Bull advisor. So if it were up to Marko, Schumacher would also be sent to "boarding school". Is he giving Guenther Steiner any ideas?

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