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Pirelli makes same tyre choice for Baku as last year
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Pirelli makes same tyre choice for Baku as last year

6 June - 18:17 Last update: 19:19


The previous edition of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix was not a good advertisement for Pirelli. Both Max Verstappen and Lance Stroll crashed out with a blowout, but the tyres from back then have now made way for Pirelli's new 18-inch tyres. The tyre supplier is confident that it has made the right choice for the upcoming weekend in Baku.

The tyres the teams will have at the Baku City Circuit concern the C3, C4 and C5 tyres. These are the three softest tyres in the series, making Pirelli the same selection as last year. However, the construction is completely new compared to the tyres of that time.

Pirelli explains tyre selection Baku

According to Pirelli boss Mario Isola, the street circuit demands relatively little from the tyres, as none of the corners require a large amount of energy from the tyres. He expects similar tyre wear to Monaco, but anticipates that the high speeds in Baku will demand just a little more from the tyres than the Circuit de Monaco.

"the main point is all about traction, with finding the right balance between front and rear axles being the key challenge for all the teams," explained Isola on the official website of Pirelli. He adds that it is important to have enough heat in the front tyres to generate grip.

In addition, he points to the long straights, where the tyres cool down again, before being at risk of overheating in the traction zones. "Track temperature is also inconsistent in Baku, so all in all it’s quite a specific track with a few different technical challenges, which are nonetheless the same for everyone," Isola said.

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