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'F1 open for eleventh team after all: a surprise return?'

'F1 open for eleventh team after all: a surprise return?'

06-06-2022 11:32 Last update: 12:35


It is now widely known that Michael Andretti would like to enter Formula 1 with his own team. The good news for the American is that the F1 organization would now be open to adding an eleventh team to the grid. The bad news for Andretti: F1 has its eye on another team.

First signals 

The Formula 1 organization has long believed that the current ten teams are more than sufficient. According to The-Race there are now signs that F1 wants to admit an eleventh team. According to the medium, the preference is not for Andretti, because this American team would mainly focus on the American market. Rather, F1 wants a new player with a global appeal. 

Formula 1 is secretly hoping that a major automaker will make its entrance with its own factory team. Audi is mentioned, but the brand - part of the Volkswagen Group - would be more inclined to buy into an existing team. Sauber is seen as the most serious option because of its good, existing facilities, although Williams is also in the picture as a partner for Audi.

Honda back already?

Much more would Formula 1 hope for a return of Honda, this time with its own team. According to The-Race, it is clear to see that the Japanese cannot let go of F1. After all, Honda supplies the engines to Red Bull Racing until the end of 2025, even though they are now called Red Bull Powertrains. Moreover, the facilities in Japan would not yet be dismantled. Also, the former boss of the F1 project, Masashi Yamamoto, is said to have advised his CEO to start his own team upon a return to the sport. 

Honda was last active as an independent team in Formula 1 in 2008. Because of the global financial crisis, the Japanese stopped abruptly. Honda gave birth to Brawn GP, which won the world title in 2009 with Jenson Button. A year later, the current Mercedes emerged from this team.

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