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Vasseur praises Bottas: 'That's the invisible part of the job'

Vasseur praises Bottas: 'That's the invisible part of the job'

4 June - 11:50 Last update: 12:28


Valtteri Bottas seems to have completely revived himself at Alfa Romeo. The Finn has already conquered forty points, barely ten less than his former teammate Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes. But Bottas' arrival is much more than a sporting success.

Not caught off guard

Barely six months into the partnership, team boss Frédéric Vasseur has by no means regretted attracting Bottas. According to Vasseur, the is an extraordinary motivator, especially after the difficult start to the year. Finally, Alfa Romeo could not do many test kilometers due to technical problems, but that has not put the Finn off.

Vasseur tells MotorsportNextGen-Auto that Bottas always thinks in the best interest of the team: "Every time he comes to the simulator, he spends two more hours in the factory, he goes from department to department. He tries to motivate people. That's the invisible part of the job, but to me it's incredible. "


The team boss realizes that having a friendly driver is difficult to translate into success. Still, Vasseur is very happy that Bottas communicates openly with his colleagues. "It is very difficult to put a value on that in terms of lap times, but it is crucial."

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