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Mercedes takes a lot of risk in Monaco: 'We are still way off'

Mercedes takes a lot of risk in Monaco: 'We are still way off'

29 May - 13:18


Lewis Hamilton is not satisfied with his Mercedes this weekend in Monaco. In Spain he was still praising the W13, but on the streets of Monte Carlo the Brit seems to be back to square one. Mercedes is trying different things with the two cars.

"We are trying everything. We are trying with both cars doing different things, sometimes it works on one car, sometimes it works on the other car. That makes it difficult to then be concise and streamline it and get both cars in the same direction", Hamilton says during the driver parade of Formula One.

Teammate George Russell seems to feel more at home in the Mercedes despite the problems. The Briton generally performs better than the seven-time world champion, and also this weekend he will start the race from a better position than Hamilton. According to the Mercedes driver, the team has to take a lot of risks this weekend.

Mercedes takes risks

"We’ve been trying different things in races to get the information on tyre wear. It’s been a challenging time. This weekend the car is hard to drive. The risk factor we’ve had to think has probably been high. That’s what we’ve needed to do to try and get as close as we can. But even with a crazy risk, we are six tenths off. We have work to do, but our race pace generally has always better", Hamilton ends.

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