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Will there be a dry race after all? Hardly any rain expected in Monaco

Will there be a dry race after all? Hardly any rain expected in Monaco

29 May - 10:32 Last update: 12:35


All week long, the F1 paddock has been watching the weather forecast, as rain was supposed to fall on Sunday at the time of the Grand Prix. However, the forecast was adjusted several times over the past few days, to the point that it would rain during the race. Although the drivers are hoping for rain, in all likelihood it will be a dry race.

According to Weather.com there is a chance of rain only from 17:00 local time and that would mean that it will rain after the race. At the time of the race, there is only a nine percent chance of rain, while during the race it increases to fifteen percent rain. With that, the teams can assume that rain will not play a role in the race.

Temperatures a lot cooler

The temperature for the teams and the fans present is a lot more pleasant than a week ago in Barcelona. Where temperatures of over 30 degrees were measured then, it is around twenty degrees in Monaco today. At the start of the race a temperature of 22 degrees is expected.

The whole weekend the temperatures are already on the high side, but that will be different during the race. Problems with temperature will therefore not immediately arise for the teams, as it did in Barcelona.

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