Red Bull looks to prefer Perez over Gasly: 'Then it will be easy'
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Red Bull looks to prefer Perez over Gasly: 'Then it will be easy'

28 May - 10:07 Last update: 14:56

Sergio Perez seems to be heading hard for a new contract at Red Bull Racing. During the press conference for team bosses, Christian Horner has only positive reviews left for the Mexican. The 32-year-old driver was called "the best team player in Formula 1" by Horner on Saturday in Monaco.

The talks between Perez and Red Bull would already have started, but there are no real negotiations yet. The teammate of Max Verstappen is patient, but he did indicate that he did not want to wait for months. Horner now seems to have come up with the sound Perez was looking for.

"He has to keep doing what he is doing. He is doing a good job and we are happy with him. The difference between him and Max has shrunk considerably compared to last year," Horner said to Motorsport-Magazin among others."This year he already had the fantastic pole in Jeddah, as well as great races, and was a great team player. I don't think there is a better one in Formula One. If he continues like this, the talks will be easy." Pierre Gasly, the other candidate, would then become the child of the bill.

Perez understands 'team orders'

Immediately after the Spanish GP, Perez let it be known over the board radio that he wanted to have talks with Red Bull about having to let Verstappen pass. The current number three in the world championship immediately let it be known in the square that this was shouted in the heat of the moment without having the full overview of the race right in front of him.

Horner agrees that Perez quickly understood his employer's motivations."That realization came as early as Sunday night. It was very simple. He is a great team player and an important part of our team. When he saw the different strategies and the tire temperatures, and how we were struggling with the temperatures, it was only logical to say that we should not let the drivers race against each other. We discussed this with him and he fully accepted and understood," concluded the British top executive.

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