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Rosberg: Hamilton was unlucky compared to Russell

Rosberg: "Hamilton was unlucky compared to Russell"

27 May - 21:21 Last update: 27 May - 21:21


The former teammate and rival of Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg believes that the seven-time world champion can still have a good season. Now that the car seems to be better, everything is still possible.

Rosberg still confident in Hamilton

Hamilton does not seem to be where he would like to be after Friday, nor is the car what it should be after all, but prior to Friday's free practice in Monaco, Rosberg still expressed his good faith regarding the Briton. Speaking to Sky Sports, the former F1 world champion said, "He's in good form this year. He has had bad luck compared to George [Russell]. I have also spoken to people within Mercedes who say he is extremely motivated."

According to the German, there are no signs that Hamilton will throw in the towel: "On the contrary, it was interesting to hear. Now that the car seems to be getting better, we will see a good Hamilton for the rest of the season." Later in the day, after Friday's practice sessions, Rosberg saw to his regret that Hamilton is not yet looking good. The German thinks it will still be difficult for the Briton this weekend.

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