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Hamilton gets praise: His drive in Barcelona was top draw

Hamilton gets praise: "His drive in Barcelona was top draw"

27 May - 13:11 Last update: 14:24


Lewis Hamilton cannot prevent George Russell from scoring more points for Mercedes for the time being. According to Martin Brundle, this situation is logical, since both drivers have a completely different backgrounds in Formula 1. He reveals this in conversation with Sky Sports.

"Abu Dhabi hit Lewis hard," the former Formula One driver analysed. "The car is struggling and George had three years in a Williams so he is the young puppy dog full of enthusiasm. It's been really hard for Lewis, this car doesn't talk to him and it keeps surprising him."

In Barcelona, Mercedes managed to get a car onto the track that allowed Hamilton and Russell to fight at the front of the driver field. This logically gives Hamilton hope for the future. "Now they can start working on releasing the full potential. His drive in Barcelona was top draw, he hasn't forgotten how to be a great racing driver."

Hamilton continues to look from race to race

The driver himself, however, does not yet dare to say much about the coming months. Although Hamilton has a lot of confidence that Mercedes is on the right track, he does not yet dare to say whether the German racing team is going to maintain this. He is keeping a wary eye on the situation.

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