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Ferrari without updates to Monaco, but new parts for Red Bull
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Ferrari without updates to Monaco, but new parts for Red Bull

27 May - 11:01 Last update: 11:16


Red Bull Racing and Mercedes have again brought updates for the Monaco Grand Prix, where Ferrari is sticking to the latest specification of the F1-75. Read here what all the teams have brought for the upcoming GP.

Red Bull updates

Formula One teams will be required in 2022 to provide their updates before the weekend. These will appear in the FIA's Pre-Event Automobile Display document, which has been made transparent to the journalists present. On his Twitter channel, Spanish Formula One journalist Albert Fabrega shows the list of updates.

Red Bull Racing will come to Monaco with two new parts. First, a new front suspension has been brought that is specific to the Monaco Grand Prix. The short turns in the streets of the principality require just a little more agility. In addition, a new cooling system for the front brakes has been included for reliability.

Ferrari sticks to F1-75

Mercedes is coming up with similar 'Monaco updates'. The team, like Red Bull, has brought new cooling systems for the front brakes and has also brought a new 'endplate' for the front wing. This should give the W13 more grip on the street circuit.

McLaren, Alpine, AlphaTauri, Williams and Haas are following Red Bull's lead with a Monaco specification of the front suspension and Williams, like Mercedes and Red Bull, is also opting for a different front brake cooling system. McLaren brings the most updates. In addition to a new front suspension for Monaco, there are also new coolers for the rear brakes, a new mirror and new cooling slots for the bodywork. Ferrari, like Aston Martin and Alfa Romeo, surprisingly remains without updates.

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