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Hamilton releases nothing: 'Said everything I felt I needed to say'

27 May at 10:02
Last update 27 May at 10:09
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Lewis Hamilton wants to say a few words about the ban on piercings and jewellery. The FIA would have extended his exemption until June, but Hamilton himself does not say anything about it.

The FIA wants to tighten the reins in 2022 and had instructed new race directors Niels Wittich and Eduardo Freitas to comply more strictly with the rulebook. They also tried to do this with the ban on piercings and jewellery, but that met with a lot of resistance from drivers. Hamilton in particular is a big opponent of this rule.

Hamilton can keep piercings

The Briton was given an exception by the FIA for two races (Miami and Barcelona) due to medical reasons but should be present in Monaco without piercings. However, a conversation between the GPDA and the FIA would have ensured that there would be no consequences if Hamilton did show up in action with his piercings.

At the press conference in Monaco broadcast by Sky Sports, Hamilton did not want to pay any more attention to the subject: ''There has been far too much time and energy spent on this already. I have said everything I felt necessary to say. I took the studs out every time I got in the car,'' Hamilton concluded.