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'FIA will allow wearing jewelry and piercings after all'

'FIA will allow wearing jewelry and piercings after all'

27 May - 07:48 Last update: 08:54


Sky Sports is reporting that Lewis Hamilton will simply be allowed to continue wearing his jewellery and piercings in Formula One. The FIA is said to have spoken to the drivers and come to their senses.

Jewellery and piercings in F1

Niels Wittich and Eduardo Freitas are the new race directors in Formula 1 since the departure of Michael Masi and they were made responsible by the FIA for the current regulations. The two looked deeper into the rules and found out that the rule around jewellery and piercings was not being observed. These are not allowed to be worn during a session. It first resulted in a note in the Event Notes and later it was even added as part of the standard inspection.

Although the rule has been in the rulebook for much longer, there is a lot of opposition to its sudden enforcement. Hamilton in particular is a big opponent. He has been driving with piercings and jewellery during the race since his F1 debut, and Pierre Gasly and Kevin Magnussen were also keen to continue wearing their rings.

Pressure on the FIA

For a long time, it seemed that the drivers just had to follow the rules. Hamilton was postponed due to medical reasons but should show up in Monaco without piercings. This now appears not to be the case.

Sky Sports News has learned that it is unlikely that Hamilton will receive a penalty for continuing to wear his piercings. The FIA and the GPDA have had 'constructive' talks which would have led to Hamilton and possibly other drivers being allowed to continue wearing their jewellery and piercings.

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