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Verstappen was lucky: 'Leclerc should have won the race by a mile'

Verstappen was lucky: 'Leclerc should have won the race by a mile'

26 May - 16:58 Last update: 17:30


Max Verstappen had to deal with problems with his car again in Barcelona. This time it was about his DRS not working. On the board radio he then could not hide his anger and Juan Pablo Montoya thinks that is only understandable, he tells Vegainsider.com.

The reigning world champion is feeling the pressure on his shoulders this season. Although Lewis Hamilton has not managed to compete at the top so far this race year, Charles Leclerc is managing to compete with him. Verstappen therefore seems to feel that he has to get everything out of it every race.

"I think that a lot of pressure comes from the fact that the Ferrari has a quicker car at the moment," Montoya stressed. "Leclerc should have won the race by a mile. He made a mistake, he put the car on the grass. He went off into the gravel on turn four. By doing so he put himself in a bad situation and then he starts getting angry with the team."

Verstappen saw Leclerc drop out in Barcelona

Despite the problems with his DRS, Verstappen managed to take victory last weekend. However, this was largely due to the retirement of Leclerc, who had to retire early due to engine problems. Sergio Perez also finished on the podium.

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