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Racing in Monaco: this year there is an additional difficulty factor

Racing in Monaco: this year there is an additional difficulty factor

26 May - 15:00 Last update: 15:44


The new regulations in Formula 1 are having success for now. Being able to drive closer to each other is possible, which means more action on the track. In addition, the prediction that the cars would be much slower than last year's is not quite coming true.

Very narrow

The new cars are bigger, heavier, get closer to the ground and have much stiffer suspensions than before. On a purpose-built circuit, this in itself is not really a problem. In Monaco, where the track is traditionally very narrow, it can be. It gives an extra dimension to the historic race.

"I think Monaco will be one of those circuits where we will really be slower than in previous years," Alex Albon stated to the French AutoHebdo. "It will be interesting. It won't be easy to know how to take all the corners, or to see where the bumps are on the track. This will give a little more character to a circuit that already has so much character."

Biggest challenges

Lando Norris is looking forward to the race in Monaco. Last year, the McLaren driver finished on the podium there, taking third place behind Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz. Norris confirms Albon's words. "I can't wait to be there, but I think it will probably be one of the biggest challenges yet," he said.

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