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Ferrari takes it easy: no updates this race

Ferrari takes it easy: no updates this race

26 May - 14:42 Last update: 15:42


Ferrari is taking it easy this season in terms of further development of the car. After the Italian team made a number of updates in Spain, it is now time to wait for the next updates.


Already from the first tests of the season the Ferrari is functioning fine. It was also important for the team that porpoising was never really a huge problem. The Italians were therefore a bit reluctant to make any adjustments to the car. What if these updates would cause porpoising?

In Spain, the updates proved to be actual improvements. They gave Charles Leclerc the pole and moreover he was by far the fastest during the Grand Prix. Only an engine problem prevented Leclerc from winning the race. Competitor Red Bull Racing won the race and took the lead in both championships.

Keeping up

Red Bull has been very active in bringing updates in recent weeks. For Ferrari it is therefore important to keep up. Nevertheless, it is now time to wait for the next update. Only during the Grand Prix in England does Ferrari expect to come with a next set of updates, reports Motorsport.com. The race will be held on July 3.

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