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'Ecclestone arrested for illegally carrying a weapon'

'Ecclestone arrested for illegally carrying a weapon'

26 May - 13:41 Last update: 15:40


Bernie Ecclestone has been arrested at Sao Paulo airport for illegally carrying a weapon. Meanwhile, it is said the former Formula One boss is already free on bail.

Flight to Switzerland

That reports the Brazilian site GE. Ecclestone had tried to board a private flight to Switzerland but was stopped at 9:30 p.m. local time at Viracopos Airport in Campinas, Sao Paulo. When the Englishman tried to go through security, the X-ray machine discovered a 32-caliber pistol in Ecclestone's breast pocket. Since there were no valid papers to allow walking around with this gun, Ecclestone was arrested. The gun had no mag and no ammunition. After posting bail, the 91-year-old was able to continue his journey.

After his arrest, Ecclestone was taken to the civil police office at the airport. He confirmed that he owned the weapon, but that he did not know he was carrying it. Ecclestone said he bought the gun from a Formula 1 mechanic five years ago. It was on his farm in Sao Paulo ever since.


Ecclestone is often in Brazil. He owns a large piece of land of approximately one hundred hectares. Ecclestone has owned that since 2010.

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