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Gasly does not rule out leaving Red Bull: 'Depends on the offers'

Gasly does not rule out leaving Red Bull: 'Depends on the offers'

26 May - 11:05 Last update: 11:40


Pierre Gasly is not ruling out leaving Red Bull's stable in 2023. The AlphaTauri driver wants to make a move to the top and is looking at Carlos Sainz as a possible example.

Gasly and Red Bull

After just one year in Formula 1, Gasly was given the chance at Red Bull Racing in 2019. However, the Frenchman could not live up to expectations and was pushed aside after six months. Since then, Gasly has shown at AlphaTauri that he is still a good driver, but the question is whether he will get a second chance from Helmut Marko and Christian Horner.

''I think it's clear now. They gave me a chance in a top team after one season of F1. There is a reason for that. They thought 'Pierre has the talent and the speed to make it work'. Now three years later I'm much better than I was then and I also have much more experience. We both learned from that situation,'' Gasly said to the Spanish Mundo Deportivo.

The 'Sainz route'

So, according to Gasly, Red Bull Racing has also learned from that situation and the Frenchman hopes that it will give him a second chance. However, he also sees that Sainz has taken a completely different route and is also successful. He went to Renault and McLaren and now drives for Ferrari. ''It depends on what kind of offers are on the table.''

Gasly therefore does not rule out leaving the Red Bull stable in the future. ''It depends. There are negotiations and we will see what is available. Then I will decide what is best for me. Of course we have to wait and see and evaluate all the options,'' Gasly concludes.

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