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Verstappen the favorite in Monaco: 'It's more of a Red Bull track'

Verstappen the favorite in Monaco: 'It's more of a Red Bull track'

26-05-2022 10:20 Last update: 11:38


Juan Pablo Montoya is putting his money on Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix. According to the Colombian, the Monaco circuit suits the RB18 better than Ferrari's car.

Verstappen is on an excellent run. The Dutchman won the last three races and took over the lead in the standings from Charles Leclerc after the Spanish Grand Prix. Where many think that Leclerc and Ferrari are favorites because of the great series of performances in qualifications, Montoya thinks his way.

Bad luck for Leclerc

''My money is on Max. You know, it would be nice for Charles and for the F1 championship to get closer with a Ferrari win. But you got to say that Red Bull is more complete as a team. They execute better, they do a better job with everything'', says the former F1 driver at VegasInsider.

Leclerc has also had little luck at home. He hasn't finished a single Grand Prix in his home country and didn't even start last year due to a crash in qualifying. During a demo run, fate even struck for Leclerc in Monaco.

Verstappen the favorite

''Ferrari has got a lot of pace and we’ll see how good it is around Monaco. Because I think in the slow speed corners you can say that the Red Bull looks a little better. So, if I had to say it, I would say it’s probably more of a Red Bull track than a Ferrari track. The Ferraris are normally better in the faster tracks like medium speed corners, not really slow speed corners.''

''If I were to say who’s going to be better there, I would guess that probably Max (Verstappen) would be better than Charles (Leclerc). Especially in the race. Maybe on a one lap Ferrari could put a lap together, but on the race, my money would be on Max to win it'', concludes the former Williams and McLaren driver.

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