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Hamilton: 'Even if it's not fighting for wins, I love the challenge'

Hamilton: 'Even if it's not fighting for wins, I love the challenge'

25 May - 21:02 Last update: 25 May - 21:02


Lewis Hamilton believes that he is not the leader at Mercedes. The Briton believes he can work well with George Russell and that the two are moving the team forward together.

During the press conference before the Spanish Grand Prix, Russell was asked what qualities he sees in Hamilton as a leader. The seven-time world champion was quick to come up with an answer, denying that he is the leader at Mercedes.

"Well, firstly, I wouldn’t say I’m the leader. George and I work equally hard together, I would say, to help drive the team and row just as hard as everyone else in the team", Hamilton responds. The Briton is clearly struggling in the W13 this season, while Russell seems to be performing better. The new addition to Mercedes has finished in the top five in every race so far.

Hamilton is enjoying himself

The contrast with last season is stark for Hamilton. In 2021 he was still competing with Max Verstappen in the championship, this year he must do his best to finish in the top six. The Brit assures his fans that he still enjoys Formula One. "I still love my job, I still love the challenge even if it’s not fighting for wins. I’m still enjoying this battle we are having internally in terms of trying to, with the car I mean, trying to chase down these other guys.”

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