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F1 Power Rankings Spain | Win Verstappen not good enough for top three

F1 Power Rankings Spain | Win Verstappen not good enough for top three

25 May - 17:24 Last update: 18:07


Max Verstappen took his third consecutive victory at the Spanish Grand Prix. However, the win came rather unexpectedly, as Charles Leclerc was leading by a large margin and the Dutchman himself was struggling with problems. How do the title rivals score this week in the Power Rankings of Formula 1?

F1's jury has been judging the drivers again after the Barcelona race, but this week no one got a perfect score. Verstappen, despite his victory, is not back in the top three.

"Another great performance from Verstappen, but one that wasn't deemed his best of the season by the judges. The Dutchman's DRS failed both in Saturday's qualifying and Sunday's race, setting him back, but he was given carte blanche to attack Russell by Red Bull and eventually won the race by a comfortable 13 seconds to take the championship lead", reads the jury's explanation.

Rivals Verstappen score higher

With his 8.6, Verstappen finished fourth on the list. The big winner this week is George Russell after his impressive defensive actions against the Red Bull drivers with a score of 9.6. Charles Leclerc is in second place with a 9.2. The Monegasque had the race well under control and had built up a big lead, but unfortunately, the Ferrari engine failed. Lewis Hamilton is also impressing the judges this week. The Briton also finished ahead of Verstappen with a score of 8.8.

Sergio Perez shares the fifth spot this week with Lando Norris and Esteban Ocon. The gentlemen all received a score of 8.4. On the overall leaderboard, Verstappen still tops the list with a 9, but Leclerc is right behind the Red Bull driver with a score of 8.9.

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