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'Verstappen chalked up to Perez after Spanish Grand Prix'
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'Verstappen chalked up to Perez after Spanish Grand Prix'

24 May - 07:32 Last update: 10:41


According to Martin Brundle, Max Verstappen is in debt to Sergio Perez after the Mexican gave away the lead to the Dutchman during the Spanish Grand Prix. This was not really necessary according to Brundle.

Breakdown for Perez

Perez briefly led the Spanish Grand Prix, but with Verstappen trailing on newer tires, the team soon made itself heard on the board radio. Perez had to let Verstappen pass if he was faster. Perez thought it was unfair, but did obey the team order.

Brundle says in his column for Sky Sports know that he didn't really think the 'different strategy' Verstappen was on according to Red Bull was a different strategy. Verstappen only had tires that were six laps fresher than Perez's. According to the former F1 driver, Perez therefore had a good point in saying that it was not fair that he had to leave Max in front. Indeed, earlier in the race Perez should have done the same and Verstappen did not do the opposite when Perez was behind him on new tires.

Verstappen in debt

''team were going to get a 1-2 anyway having dispatched Russell and assuming no safety car interferences or suchlike. Perez was leading because he had been fast and had stayed on the road, and at that stage it could easily be considered normal to protect the cars and hold station for a Perez victory.While it doesn't play out well for the team or either driver, if I was on the Red Bull pit wall I'd have done the same and taken the flak. The speed of Leclerc in the Ferrari had been impressive, season-long you'd put your money on Verstappen to take the fight to him most consistently, and as we saw with last year's championship a seven-point swing between first and second could be critical.''

Brundle doesn't rule out the possibility that Perez's contract states that such a switch can be made: ''But Max owes him one.'' Meanwhile, Perez himself is still in good shape in the championship. He is third only 25 points behind Verstappen.

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