Ferrari has bad news about Leclerc's engine

Ferrari has bad news about Leclerc's engine

23 May - 18:46 Last update: 19:01

Charles Leclerc suddenly fell silent on the Barcelona circuit yesterday. The Ferrari driver was leading the Spanish Grand Prix, but suddenly lost all his power. Leclerc's engine was immediately sent to Maranello on Sunday and there they quickly came to a very disappointing conclusion.

Bad news for Leclerc

In the factory of the Italian formation it turned out that the turbo and the MGU-H are damaged in such a way that repair is no longer possible.

For Leclerc it's bad news, because more than two weeks ago the now number two in the World Championship received a new, improved engine. Of that second engine, the turbo and the MGU-H have now perished. These two engine parts of the first engine can still be used. In the United States it was a tactical engine change.

A driver is allowed to use three different turbo's and MGU-H's in one season. With sixteen Grands Prix still to go it therefore seems likely that Leclerc will have to take another grid penalty in 2022.

Ferrari completes investigation

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