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Bizarre: Vettel chases looted bag on scooter after robbery

Bizarre: Vettel chases looted bag on scooter after robbery

23 May - 17:46 Last update: 20:25


The day after the Spanish Grand Prix had a remarkable morning for Sebastian Vettel. The Aston Martin driver's bag was stolen from his car, after which the German went after the GPS signal of his AirPods on a scooter.

Vettel robbed in Barcelona

El Periodico comes after the GP of Spain with a very remarkable story. Vettel was allegedly robbed the morning after the race. The German would have left the window of his car open, while his bag was already in the car. Thieves took advantage of the situation and took the bag. Inside the bag were the driver's AirPods and his personal (travel) documents.

Because the wireless earphones have a GPS signal, the Aston Martin driver was able to track the thieves. The Spanish medium reported that Vettel went after his stolen bag on a scooter. Because from 2022 we know; when Vettel sees a scooter he jumps on it. In Barcelona's El Raval neighborhood, the Heppenheimer eventually found his earbuds back in a store. The bag and documents were nowhere to be seen.

It is expected that the thieves figured out that the AirPods were traceable via GPS and therefore left them in a store. Local news says that the police will investigate further, as Vettel reported the crime.

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