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Jos Verstappen critical of 2022 cars: 'Is still almost impossible to do'

Jos Verstappen critical of 2022 cars: 'Is still almost impossible to do'

23 May - 16:47 Last update: 19:46


Jos Verstappen sounds critical after the Spanish Grand Prix. According to the former F1 driver, the DRS problems with his son Max Verstappen showed that overtaking is still not possible in F1 without the DRS.

With the cars introduced this year, it was expected that following other cars and overtaking would become easy. Now the air behind the F1 cars doesn't seem to be so disturbed anymore and tracking has indeed become easier. Overtaking just doesn't seem to be that easy yet and at some races this season it appears that the DRS is therefore still very much needed.

Verstappen critical of 2022 cars

This was also the case in Spain. Jos Verstappen wrote in his column on Verstappen.com: "Max also made a mistake, which meant he ended up in the gravel and ended up stuck behind George Russell. Then he wanted to pass him as quickly as possible, but once again it turned out that it is almost impossible in Formula 1 to overtake without DRS." Indeed, Verstappen's DRS was broken and only worked sometimes, preventing the Red Bull driver from using the 'overtaking aid' at the crucial moments.

Verstappen senior still has faith in his son's team: "I think Red Bull has an idea where the problem with the DRS system came from. It's not the first time either. I trust they will find a solution. It's still a mechanical sport, anything can happen." Especially for Verstappen, the DRS is of great importance. According to Verstappen's father, his son will have to rely on the races. Ferrari is still a size too big during qualifying, but on Sunday Verstappen is strong enough to catch them, provided he can count on his DRS.

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