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International media | 'Verstappen defeats demons in orange hell'

International media | 'Verstappen defeats demons in orange hell'

23-05-2022 07:06


The Spanish Grand Prix was prey for Max Verstappen, but it was not without its struggles. For his rival Charles Leclerc, however, the problems were greater with a retirement. In the international media, this new twist in the 2022 World Championship is being widely discussed.

AS - Spain

We start with the report from the local media, where the Spanish AS headlines with a clear title: 'Hell is orange'. For Spanish F1 fans, the Grand Prix was hard to watch after Carlos Sainz's mistake. The Spaniard did recover after his adventure in the gravel pit, but for the battle for the podium he would not be competing again. To make matters worse, his teammate at Ferrari also crashed out.

La Gazzetta dello Sport - Italy

For Ferrari, this is a weekend that requires a thorough evaluation, according to the pink sports newspaper. 'Ferrari, where have you gone?" is therefore the opening of the report on the race after a crash for the team's frontrunner. The pain is now there for the Italians, who see their idol 'betrayed' by his own engine. 'Verstappen couldn't have asked for anything better with his failed DRS.'

Sky Sports - England

In England, Sky Sports speaks of a thrilling race with Verstappen as the eventual victor, benefiting mainly from Leclerc's costly DNF. Yet the British medium also saw problems with Verstappen's DRS and also points to the frustration the Red Bull driver let out over the board radio.

Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany

'In the sweltering heat of Barcelona, Max Verstappen brought the Orange party in the stands to a boiling point,' is how the German newspaper opens its report on the Spanish Grand Prix. Despite many problems with the RB18, Verstappen still drove to victory in Barcelona after his rival had a heartbreaking moment.

Marca - Spain

Then back to the home country, where Marca states that Verstappen has defeated his 'demons' and is now the new leader in the world championship. 'Victory after he went off the track, overcame a nervous breakdown and benefited from Leclerc's dropout,' the Spanish medium writes after Verstappen's win.

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