Debate | Perez will win in 2022 only if Verstappen is wrong or unlucky
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Debate | Perez will win in 2022 only if Verstappen is wrong or unlucky

22 May - 21:42 Last update: 22:03

For a moment, Sergio Perez looked like he might have the best strategy to move towards victory in the Spanish Grand Prix, but in the end, Max Verstappen 's three-stop effort proved to be the best strategy by far. The Dutchman was a good deal faster in the closing stages and grabbed his third consecutive victory in Formula 1. It resulted in a somewhat disappointed Perez. 

Different strategy advantageous for Verstappen

The Mexican announced over the on-board radio that he wanted to talk to Red Bull about the situation afterward. In the square, Perez then calmly explained that he did understand and that he did not have the whole picture in front of him in the RB18 during the race and that is why he posted this comment. Perez and Verstappen were put on a different strategy when it was still unclear what the better strategy would be. Helmut Marko and Christian Horner did understand Perez's question marks and did not blame their driver.

Because Verstappen won, he is now six points ahead of Leclerc. The Ferrari's seem to have found some extra speed again thanks to the updates introduced in Barcelona. It promises to be a very exciting battle the rest of the season, especially if Mercedes manages to get back to the front.

Can Perez do it on his own?

It raises the question of whether Sergio Perez can still drive to first places on his own in 2022. On the one hand, teammate Verstappen is also incredibly sharp this year, he leaves nothing to chance and has proven in the first six Grand Prix weekends that he is still quite a bit faster than Perez, on the other hand, Red Bull may eventually start to lean towards team orders.

Verstappen's victory on Sunday is not seen as team orders, but in the future it is certainly not excluded. This will of course also have to do with the choices that Ferrari makes. If Carlos Sainz continues to make mistakes every weekend and the gap to Leclerc increases rapidly, the Italians might focus on Leclerc.

What do you think of the statement: Perez will win in 2022 only with mistakes or bad luck Verstappen! Let your opinion be heard in the poll and comment section!

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