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Verstappen elated: 'Very happy with the win and with Checo'
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Verstappen elated: 'Very happy with the win and with Checo'

22 May - 15:54


Max Verstappen has turned a very exciting Spanish Grand Prix to his advantage after a number of unexpected twists and turns. For example, Charles Leclerc had to park his Ferrari, which left Verstappen with little hindrance from his DRS problems.

Understandably, Verstappen was elated with his win, especially after the technical problems he encountered. "That made it very tough, but we managed to get ahead again and do our own race, and eventually win the race. It was a difficult beginning, but a good end. he explained after the race.

Verstappen happy with Perez

At one point, Sergio Perez took over the lead from George Russell, who held first place after Leclerc's retirement. However, he had to let his teammate pass and did so without any problems. "I'm very happy with the victory and very happy with Checo, it's a great result for the team," Verstappen said.

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