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Leclerc with tire advantage on Red Bull: Will strategy make the difference?

Leclerc with tire advantage on Red Bull: Will strategy make the difference?

22 May - 12:25 Last update: 13:16


In Barcelona, we have seen many battles based on strategy in recent years. Due to the high tire wear on the Spanish circuit, drivers stop relatively often for new tires and that is how Hamilton won the Grand Prix last year, by beating Max Verstappen with an extra stop. This year Pirelli expects another special tire fight.

Indeed, the Italian's prediction states that it will be a trade-off between two stops or three stops. According to Pirelli, the best option in all cases is to start on the yellow mediums. The fastest strategy would mean a second stop on the yellow mediums, and then to finish the race on the softest tire. Equally fast would be two stints on the softest tire.

Leclerc with the tire advantage on Verstappen

The alternative strategy when tire wear is high would be to stop three times, all times for the softest tire. A challenging strategy, but probably not an option for the drivers in the top 10. Indeed, many of those drivers have no sets left of the softest tire. Only Charles Leclerc has a single set of new tires left of the softest tire.

Other than that the drivers mainly have many new sets left of the yellow tires. Chances are that they will start on that tire, to then keep as many options open as possible to defend and attack. Especially Ferrari will want to attack with the new soft tires of the Monegasque.

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