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Stroll on Red Bull comparison: This couldn't have been done in a month

Stroll on Red Bull comparison: "This couldn't have been done in a month"

21 May - 10:47 Last update: 11:08


Aston Martin has put all the spotlight on itself with the recent upgrades to the AMR22. This is because the B-spec of the AMR22 is extremely similar to Red Bull Racing's RB18. Lance Stroll says his team was already working on the second car in the winter.

Two cars made this winter

All eyes were on Aston Martin when the team showed the AMR22B to the world in Spain. It immediately struck journalists, fans and other teams that the British team's new car looks an awful lot like the Red Bull RB18. What makes it even more interesting is that Aston Martin has acquired fourteen people from Red Bull in recent months.

Stroll says the B-spec car was tested months ago. "We designed two cars over the winter. We tried the first one, and now we're trying this one," says the Canadian in front of the camera of Sky Sports F1. "The first wasn't as competitive as we wanted to be and now we're trying this car."

Fallows only started a month ago

One key person who came over from Red Bull to Aston Martin last winter is Dan Fallows, but Stroll stresses that he only started a month ago. "We have Dan that came from Red Bull and he joined us last month. There's no chance this could've been done in a month, it was over the last many months this was planned and developed."

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