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Red Bull chief satisfied: Our updates are working fine

Red Bull chief satisfied: "Our updates are working fine"

21 May - 07:34 Last update: 09:20

Red Bull Racing came up with a few smaller updates for the RB18 in Spain. Mainly, new materials have been included, making the cars of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez another four kilograms lighter. Helmut Marko is satisfied with the new package.

"Our updates are working fine," the Red Bull advisor is quoted as saying by Italian Formula1A.UNO. The Red Bull is still too heavy, but thanks to the constant stream of updates, they are confident that the 2022 car will be at the minimum weight of 798 kilograms by the time it enters the summer break.

Still, it's not easy to improve the car week in and week out. There is an awful lot of work involved and then you still don't know how much effect an update is going to have when it is brought to the Grand Prix weekend."With these cars and the new regulations it's difficult to introduce good updates. Just look at Mercedes, how long did it take them to solve their problems."

Ferrari has steps to make

Ferrari also took updates and although the Italians are happy with the first data from it, Marko is a bit shocked by his rival's performance. "I'm a bit surprised by Ferrari's poor long runs and their tire wear," he said. In the longruns, Charles Leclerc had to concede an average of about six tenths per lap to the average pace Verstappen was able to put on the mat.

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