Hamilton beams afterwards: Thank you very much to everyone at the factory

Hamilton beams afterwards: "Thank you very much to everyone at the factory"

20 May - 18:01

Lewis Hamilton is very happy about how Mercedes managed to perform during Friday practice in Spain. The seven-time world champion felt comfortable in the W13, but he knows that Saturday and Sunday are only about the marbles. Hamilton is therefore cautious in his expectations for the rest of the weekend.

Less porposing

"I am extremely happy with the progress. Thank you very much to everyone at the factory for not giving up and continuing to work. We're not the fastest but I think we're on the right track," Hamilton told Sky Sports. "We're still bouncing a bit but it's a lot better. The car feels a lot nicer than before."

Hamilton is very happy that the porpoising has decreased thanks to updates brought along. Now that that problem seems to have been fixed for the most part, Mercedes can look to unlock the full speed of the 2022 car."We are looking for potential in the car. It's still difficult on the track, but at least much better."

Tires have it tough

Hamilton, like all the other drivers, did have a hard time keeping the tyres alive during the long runs. It's about thirty degrees in Barcelona and so the rubber wears down quickly."The tyres are struggling. I would say that in general they are overheating faster this year. Everyone is in the same boat. You can't attack, you have to control them. It's how Pirelli designed them," he concludes.

Hamilton will hope that Mercedes is able to maintain this form, because in 2022 he was only on the podium once. Only in the first Grand Prix of the season in Bahrain did the Briton manage to finish among the first three. In Saudi Arabia, Australia and Miami he managed to score points, but it is clear that Mercedes needs to improve. The first signs of recovery now seem to be visible.

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