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Verstappen has clear expectations: 'The goal is to not overtake'
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Verstappen has clear expectations: 'The goal is to not overtake'

20 May - 10:34 Last update: 11:29


Red Bull Racing did not bring many updates to Barcelona, but continues to work on the weight of the RB18. Max Verstappen shares that his car has also gained a few kilos in weight this weekend.

During the press conference for the Spanish Grand Prix, he, therefore, declared that his team has no real updates with them, but that the RB18 has lost some weight again. "Our car is a bit fat so just need to slim it down, that's what we're trying to do," says the Red Bull driver.

Verstappen is curious about updates Ferrari

He points out that Ferrari does have updates with them. "It will be interesting to see how much that will give them," he continues but adds that Red Bull's focus is on its own package. In doing so, he again refers to the need to have a trouble-free weekend.

In terms of overtaking opportunities, Verstappen expects a difficult race. "You might run a bit closer, but still tough to overtake on this track. The goal is to not overtake and start at the front," reads the simple conclusion.

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